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Tungsten boride powder

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Tungsten boride powder

WB compounds have high melting point, high hardness, high electrical conductivity and high corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance to different types of media.

These excellent properties make WB compounds widely used in harsh environments, for example, as High temperature corrosion resistant electrode materials, casting molds, crucibles, etc. The W-B compounds mainly include W2B, WB, WB2, W2B4, WB4, and WB12. The hardness values ​​of WB2 and WB4 are 43.8 and 46.2 GPa, respectively, which are superhard and belong to superhard materials.

In addition, since boron has a high neutron absorption cross section and a wide range of neutron absorption energy, it is a good neutron absorber, and heavy metal element W has a good protective effect on γ ray, so WB compounds may It is a new type of radiation protection material that combines the neutron and gamma ray comprehensive shielding performance.

At present, a lot of work has been done on the synthesis of WB compounds. However, due to the variety of WB compounds, the synthesis methods are various, including solid phase synthesis, metal thermal reduction, molten salt electrolysis, vapor deposition, and floating zone melting. Method, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, synthesis in a molten metal bath, and the like.

The use of elemental boron powder and tungsten powder as raw materials to directly synthesize tungsten boride material at high temperature can effectively control the B/W ratio to obtain a pure target product. In this work, the chemical reaction process of boron powder and tungsten powder under high temperature conditions was studied by solid phase synthesis method. The effects of B/W molar ratio, synthesis temperature and holding time on the synthesized products were investigated.
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