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Tin powde Sn Powder cas 7440-02-0

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Product Description


 Feature of  Tin powder price Sn Powder

Item no Appearance Particle size Purity melting point  boiling point CAS NO.
Tr-Sn-P greyish-green 80nm >99% 231.88℃ 2270℃ 7440-31-5

Note: according to user requirements can provide different size products.


Chemical properties of Tin powder price Sn Powder:

Nanometer zinc powder, superfine zinc powder by variable current laser ion beam, chemical vapor deposition highly active zinc powder has high content of zinc particles, low content of other impurity elements, smooth surface, large specific surface area, average particle size controllable, low apparent density, surface oxidation, molten deformation less and less adhesion into grape shape particles etc, easy to disperse and industrial application.
Sub-micron the CW - zinc - 002 800 > 99.5 2.3 1.60 spherical celadon


Stability of Tin powder price Sn Powder:

Stable in the air, but can be easily oxidised, especially in the moist air.

Soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and aqua regia, hot caustic solution, slowly dissolve in cold diluted hydrochloric acid and dilute nitric acid and dilute sulphuric acid, cold caustic solution, dissolved more slowly in acetic acid . Insoluble in water.


Storage of Tin powder price Sn Powder:

Should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place

Not with inorganic acid, alkali, edible raw materials and flammable materials. Prevent rain and sun exposure 

Main application of Tin powder price Sn Powder:

1.rubber areas: in the rubber industry is nanometer zinc sulfide surfactant, than ordinary zinc powder dispersion is excellent, can improve the thermal conductivity of rubber products, wear

resisting, tearing resistance, such as performance, mainly used natural rubber, butylbenzene rubber, polybutadience rubber, nitrile rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, butyl rubber and other rubber products, especially for superior performance in nitrile rubber and PVC foam rubber industry;
2 waterborne inorganic zincrich primer and inorganic zinc silicate shop primer, inorganic zinc silicate anticorrosive paint, epoxy zinc-rich primer and fluorine carbon paint, etc.;
3 zinc anti-corrosion coating production: steel components, the main purpose of corrosion resistance of metal zinc coating way hot plating, electroplating, thermal spraying, zinc coating, powder coating, etc.;
4 chemical production: used for insurance powder (sodium sulfate), lithopone lithopone, carved white block sodium bisulfate formaldehyde (times), dye intermediates, etc as a reducing agent in the production of a coating with zinc powder dosage, larger particle size, the average particle size is 1 microns;
5 superfine zinc powder is the manufacture of paint, paint and chemical products such as carved white piece of acid, zinc oxide, zinc and other main raw material, reducing agent and organic synthesis;
6 in addition, the nanometer zinc powder, superfine zinc powder is widely used in metallurgical industry, battery industry, pesticide, feed, dyestuff, and manufacturing industries.


Technical support of Tin powder price Sn Powder:
Company can provide the nanometer zinc powder, superfine zinc powder products in the field of rubber, zinc anti-corrosion coatings production, metallurgical industry, battery industry, pesticide, feed, dyestuff, and technical support of the application of manufacturing industry, etc.

Storage conditions of Tin powder price Sn Powder:
This product is inert gas antistatic packaging, should be kept sealed in a dry, cool environment, should not be exposed to the air for a long time, be affected with damp be affected with damp proof reunion, affect the dispersion performance and using effect.


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