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Chromium Picolinate C18H12CrN3O6 podwer CAS 14639-25-9

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  • Type Tr-C18H12CrN3O6
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Feature of Chromium Picolinate Powder price C18H12CrN3O6 podwer   


Name: Chromium Picolinate Powder

Cas No.: 14639-25-9

Other name: Picolinic acid chromium(III) salt

Apperence: Pinkish-red crystalline powder

Assay: 98%

Molecular Formula: C18H12CrN3O6

Molecular Weight: 418.30

Chromium(III) picolinate (CrPic3) is a chemical compound sold as a nutritional supplement to treat type 2 diabetes and promote weight loss.

This bright-red coordination compound is derived from chromium(III) and picolinic acid. Small quantities of chromium are needed for glucose utilization by insulin in normal health, but deficiency is extremely rare and has only been observed in hospital patients on long-term defined diets.

Chromium has been identified to regulate insulin by increasing the sensitivity of the insulin receptor.

Application of Chromium Picolinate Powder price C18H12CrN3O6 podwer  

(1) Promote animal reproductive development, speed up production, and promote protein synthesis. 
(2) Promote gonadal development, improve the quality of ovulation, promoting egg development, to improve reproductive performance. 
(3) Reduce carcass fat, increased lean meat percentage, meat quality significantly improved. 
(4) The fertilization rate and improve the breeder laying rate, improve egg quality, reduce the proportion of time eggs. 
(5) Enhance immune function, improve anti-stress, reduce disease.


Feed with organic chromium can lead to below benefits for animals:
(1) Chromium picolinate can improve animals growth performance, particular under stress conditions.
(2) Chromium picolinate reduce feed conversion rate, saving feed cost.
(3) Chromium picolinate also can enhance animals immunity and reproductive performance.


As medical and health care products function factor:
(1) Hypoglycemic fat suppression
(2) Strong muscular body
(3) Promotional immunity force

(4) It is a supplement to decrease weight.


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