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Application of thermal spraying technology in China's aerosp

Application of thermal spraying technology in China's aerospace field
1. Introduction to thermal spraying technology
Thermal spraying technology is a method that USES a heat source to heat the spraying material to the state of melting or semi-melting and spray deposition to the pretreated substrate surface at a certain speed to form a coating.There are many methods of thermal spraying, such as plasma spraying, arc spraying, flame spraying and explosion spraying.
Thermal spraying technology is widely used. Coating materials with different properties and different process methods can be selected to prepare functional coatings such as thermal barrier, abrasion seal, abrasion seal, high temperature oxidation resistance, conductive insulation and far infrared radiation.Coating materials involve almost all solid engineering materials, including metals, metal alloys, ceramics, cermet, plastics and their composites.Thermal spraying technology is widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, energy, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, transportation, light industrial machinery, biological engineering and other fields of national economy.

2. Modern space technology
Modern space technology is a comprehensive system engineering technology including carrier rocket, artificial earth satellite, manned spacecraft, space station, space probe, etc.Carrier rocket is the foundation of space technology, and it is also a mature technology with international advanced level in China. Therefore, the application of thermal spraying in the space field mainly refers to the application of carrier rocket.
Carrier rockets are developed on the basis of missiles and generally consist of two to four stages.Each stage includes the body structure, propulsion system and flight control system.The final stage has an instrument bay with guidance and control system, telemetry system and launch site safety system.Classes are connected by interclass segments.The payload is mounted on top of the instrument bay with a fairing on the outside.

3. Application of thermal spraying technology in China's aerospace field
The progress of thermal spraying technology is largely attributed to the unprecedented development of the aviation industry in the 20th century. The aerospace industry is later than the aviation industry in time. The application of relatively mature thermal spraying technology in the aviation field, such as thermal barrier coating, will naturally turn to be applied in the aerospace field.Space in our country the application of thermal spraying technology began in the 1950 s, it was with oxyacetylene flame spraying Al2O3 coating used in missile nose cones of thermal protection, after spraying metal W and ZrO2, high melting point materials developed by plasma spraying equipment, and in the early seventy s to the plasma spraying W and ZrO2 coatings used in our * * 3 and 4 on the engine combustion chamber and nozzle extension.From seventy to eighty s, with METCO thermal spraying equipment introduction and the long March 3 rocket research project started, thermal spraying technology application in the field of space into the first period, during the use of thermal barrier coating, thermal spraying technology such as wear-resisting seal coating solved many key technical problems, get very good application.Since the 1990s, on the one hand, the unprecedented development of China's space industry: manned spaceflight project, assassin's mace project, batch production of tactical and strategic missiles and so on have put forward higher requirements for thermal spraying technology;On the other hand, thermal spraying technology itself has also made significant progress, such as the emergence and mature application of high-speed flame spraying technology, the advent of supersonic and high-power plasma equipment, and the improvement of thermal spraying material quality, so that the application of thermal spraying in the field of aerospace in recent decades has entered the second rapid development period.