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Characteristics of nano metal powder

Characteristics of nano metal powder:
1. High-efficiency catalyst: The high activity and large specific surface area of ​​nano-powder make it suitable for use as a catalyst. Experimental studies have shown that nano-cobalt powder, powder, zinc powder and the like have a strong catalytic effect. Catalysts made from these nano-powders are tens of times more catalytically efficient than conventional catalysts in the chemical synthesis of some organic materials, and can be used for organic hydrogenation reactions, automobile exhaust gas treatment, and the like. (Nano-cobalt powder, nano-nickel powder, nano-zinc powder)
2. High-efficiency combustion-supporting agent: Nano-powder has extremely strong energy storage characteristics, and its addition as an additive to the fuel can greatly improve the burning rate. Adding some nano-powder to the rocket's solid fuel propellant can greatly improve the combustion heat, combustion efficiency and combustion stability of the fuel. Studies have shown that the addition of 0.5% nano-aluminum powder or nickel powder to the rocket solid fuel can increase the combustion efficiency by 10%-25% and the combustion rate by several tens of times. (nano aluminum powder, nano nickel powder)
Preparation method of nano metal powder:
1. Traditional preparation methods: gas phase method, liquid phase method, solid phase method.
2. New preparation method: plasma gasification method, metal spray combustion method.