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Copper tellurium applications

Copper tellurium alloy with 0.4-0.7% tellurium copper tellurium has good cutting performance;Copper telluride, containing 50% tellurium and 50% copper, is used as an intermediate alloy.
Application: it is the copper alloy material with the best cutting performance in the high copper alloy, which has excellent conductivity, heat conduction, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is widely used in electrical plug-ins, terminals, electrical components, automobile parts, elastic components, welding electrodes, furnace components and so on.
hold close alloys are of different shapes and they may be referred to as semi-finished products or base metals that embody copper, nickel or aluminum combined with a better percent of one or two of other elements.
hold close alloys are used to decide a metallic’s microstructure all through solidification and casting to trade its homes that encompass electric conductivity, ground appearance, ductility, mechanical energy or castability. hold close alloys are also used to achieve a specific chemical specification with the aid of changing the liquid metal’s composition.
it is a tough assignment to have glassy and metallic homes in a single cloth, this is the fundamental venture inside the discipline of thermoelectrics. 
The transform warmth into electricity is 14% for the modern day material superior via JNCASR researchers. The copper telluride has higher performance of 18%. The theoretical calculation to apprehend the electronic form was executed in collaboration.