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Introduction of 3D printing technology and printing material

Introduction of 3D printing technology and printing materials
With the development of 3D printing, there are more and more technologies for 3D printing, and more and more materials can be used for 3 printing. However, in industrial production, not many can be frequently used.
SLA photocuring printing

I. materials: ABS, PC, transparent, etc
Ii. SLA laser light curing process flow
Fill a resin tank with liquid photosensitive resin, which solidifies quickly under ultraviolet laser beam.At the beginning of the forming process, the lifting table is at the height of a section layer thickness below the liquid surface. After focusing the laser beam, under the control of the computer, scan along the liquid surface according to the requirements of the section contour, so as to cure the resin in the scanned area and obtain the resin sheet of the section contour.The table is then lowered by a thin layer so that the cured resin sheet is covered with a new liquid resin for a second laser scanning cure. The newly cured layer is then bonded to the previous one, and so on until the entire product is formed.Finally, the lifting platform rises the liquid resin surface, takes out the workpiece, carries on the cleaning, the removal support, the secondary curing and the surface smooth treatment and so on.

3. Advantages of SLA laser curing process
1. Good surface quality;
2. High molding accuracy, up to 25 microns;
3. High resolution of the system;
4. Forming mode has nothing to do with the complexity of structure.
Application fields
SLA laser curing rapid prototyping technology is suitable for making small and medium sized workpiece, and can directly obtain resin or similar engineering plastics products.Mainly used for prototype production of conceptual model, or for simple assembly inspection and process planning;
As the forming mode of SLA has nothing to do with the complexity of structure, SLA is suitable for some electronic products with complicated structure, such as computer and peripheral products, audio, camera, mobile phone, MP3, PDA, camera, etc.As well as a number of complex structure of household appliances, such as iron, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, etc.