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Market prospect of ultrafine pure copper powder

Market prospect of ultrafine pure copper powder
Ultrafine pure copper powder is one of the important powder material is second only to iron powder, copper and its alloy powder metallurgy products because of good conductive, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, surface finish, and the advantages of nonmagnetic, are widely used in friction materials, oil bearing, electric contact materials, conductive materials, diamond products, filters and mechanical parts.
In recent years, copper powder consumption is increasing by more than 10% per year.Take the automobile industry as an example, copper powder consumption has exceeded 10 thousand tons. If electronics, electrical appliances and other industries are taken into account, the potential market is broader.From the perspective of domestic market development prospect, copper powder is widely used in iron-base copper-based powder metallurgy parts in China, among which copper-based powder metallurgy parts have the largest consumption.

The average copper content in PM parts is calculated at 5%, and the copper powder consumption will reach 5000 tons/year by 2005.In the diamond tool industry, in recent years, due to the intensification of diamond tool competition, the matrix material is inclined to the cheap iron base, copper base and bronze base, especially export tools and home interior decoration tools.The relevant data show that there are more than 100 enterprises with the annual consumption of copper powder and copper-based powder for diamond tools at more than 20 tons, so the preliminary calculation shows that the annual consumption of copper powder in the diamond tool industry is between 2000 ~ 3000 tons.In the electrical alloy, the amount of electrolytic copper powder in about 200 tons. 

Look from abroad market demand circumstance, according to nonferrous metal association statistic data shows, the demand of powder of copper and copper alloy of the whole world every year is in 100 thousand tons above, among them north American annual output occupies the left and right sides of total demand.In 2002, China imported 23,274 tons of copper powder, 22.78% more than the previous year.At the same time, the copper powder of other southeast Asian countries is mainly used for material processing, the demand increases year by year, but there is no copper powder production enterprises.
Tongrunnano mainly produces large surface area, highly active of ultrafine pure iron powder, copper powder, silver powder and iron copper, nickel, copper, tin, silver tin tin, iron, copper, cobalt, iron, copper and cobalt tin binary, ternary and multicomponent alloy powders, the finest product can reach more than 10000 mesh, into the nanoscale, loose powder than minimum of 0.5 g/cm3, products are mainly used in diamond tools, powder metallurgy, electronic paste, water treatment, thermal spraying, thermal batteries, friction material, OLED and other fields.