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Potential hazards of nanotechnology

Potential hazards of nanotechnology

Like biotechnology, nanotechnology also has many environmental and safety issues (such as whether small size will avoid the biological defense system of the organism, whether it is biodegradable, how it can be toxic and side effects, etc.).
The presence of nanomaterials (materials containing nanoparticles silver powder, nano diamond powder) is not a hazard. Only some aspects of it are harmful, especially their mobility and enhanced responsiveness. Only when certain aspects of certain nanoparticles are harmful to living things or the environment, we face a real danger.

To discuss the health and environmental impact of nanomaterials, we must distinguish between two types of nanostructures:

Nanosized particles are assembled into a nanocomposite, nano surface structure or nanocomponent (electrons, optical sensors, etc.) on a substrate, material or device, also known as fixed nanoparticles.

"Free" nanoparticles, whether in a certain step of production or directly using separate nanoparticles.
These free nanoparticles may be nano-sized single elements, compounds, or complex mixtures, such as "coated" nanoparticles or "core-shell" nanoparticles coated with another substance on one element.