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Preparation of indium oxide

There are many ways to make indium trioxide: high frequency oxygen blowing method, nitrate decomposition method, indium hydroxide decomposition method, carbonic acid decomposition method, etc
Detailed introduction:
Nitrate decomposition
1. Reagent and instrument: metal indium (4N or 5N), high purity nitric acid, analysis of pure alcohol, temperature controller, white steel pot, burning huai, mufu furnace.
2.Test method: melt 4N(or 5N) indium metal in a white steel pot, pour into thin slices, and then process into small pieces.

Pack 1kg indium pieces in each bag for later use.Add 1kg indium chip into the treated 5L sintering chamber, wash with ion-exchange water twice first, then add 25l ion-exchange water and a small amount of high-purity nitric acid on the electric furnace to heat and melt, and add acid each time so that the solution cannot overflow.

The clarified solution is heated and concentrated on the electric furnace. After the white crystal appears, it is poured into a porcelain bowl for further concentration. After being dried, the voltage regulator is turned down and slightly heated.

Bowls to be included in the muffle furnace roasting, heating to 50 0 ℃, is after the oven door closed thermostat 1 5 h, then heat up to 63 0 ℃, constant temperature cooling after 2 h.Wait until indium trioxide is cooled to room temperature.