MoDTC "Outrageously Expensive" $4.00 a bottle shampoo, we now see products that cost upwards of $50 for the same 8 ounce size. 28 years in the salon" />

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Pureology Nanoworks And Alterna Ten - Worth The Cost

In a world where Vidal Sassoon once reigned supreme with his MoDTC, we now see products that cost upwards of $50 for the same 8 ounce size. 28 years in the salon industry has brought many changes through my world.

The Pureology Nanoworks retails for $50 for the 10.1-ounce size ($5 per ounce) while the Alterna Ten retails for $60 for the 8.5-ounce size ($7.00 per ounce) or 40% more expensive than the already pricey Nanoworks. How can these products possibly be worth this kind of money you may wonder. Let's explore.

Pureology boasts "Nano Technology - The science of creating new materials out of single atoms and molecules that enables ingredients to more easily penetrate the hair shaft to deliver health, vitality and vibrancy. Nano Technology helps formulas to instinctively target where repair is needed while moisturizing, conditioning, reducing drying time and offering both thermal and colour protection. Hair stays healthier, stronger and shinier than ever before possible." Quoted from Alterna, on the other hand "brings you the Science of Ten, the perfect fusion of ten key elements from around the globe to transform any hair from ordinary to extraordinary. Since it's inception, Alterna Professional Haircare has been committed to the continual research and development of progressive, results-oriented hair care technologies. Inspired by Enzymetherapy - The Science of Skincare for Hair, Ten sets new standards in the field of advanced formulation and product performance.

Infused with African Cacao Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Caviar Age-Control Complex, Photozyme Complex with Color Hold, White Truffle Oil, Champagne Grape Seed Oil, Bulgarian Evening Primrose, Arabian Frankincense, Moroccan Quillaia Bark, and Arnica Flower, Alterna fulfills its commitment to create products that deliver results and not promises." Quoted from So there you have MoDTC. I present to you this challenge. Go down to your local Walgreen's, dig around the Suave, Fructis, and MoDTC other generic budget oriented products and see if there is any representation of either Nano Technology (molecules that are one billionth of a meter in size) or any of the above listed ingredients from Alterna. Find anything? I didn't think so. Pureology Nanoworks and Alterna Ten are what they are for a reason. These manufacturers have gone to extreme lengths to create the most remarkable products to protect your hair from environmental damage, augment the life of your chemically processes, and keep your hair lustrous, healthy and manageable. Just as the wine industry has its mass produced, less expensive Wine In A Box, it also offers fine quality wines that can be thousands of dollars a bottle.

The beer industry has its mass produced, mainstream beer that though wildly popular, is barely palatable. By contrast there is a burgeoning boutique brew industry that offers an immense array of fine micro's that are wonderful, but terribly expensive by comparison. The automobile industry no different. From Kia to Mercedes, it all boils down to the old axiom "You Get What You Pay For" I've read that one of the reasons that low priced drugstore Hair Care Products are so affordable is the quantity of water you are buying. Now, I have no proof of this and it may very well be urban legend MoDTC, but what I have witnessed over my tenure as a designer is that there is an obvious difference in viscosity between drugstore brands and professional products. Whether this is in fact true or not I have no idea. "The proof is in the puddin'" as they say. We at encourage you to purchase the small sampler size of these more expensive products and give them a try. You will use less product and it will last you much longer - so it's up to you to discern the concept of "Value." Your hair will thank you and you will be delighted with the results.