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Study on thermal conductivity of graphene

Study on thermal conductivity of graphene
What is graphene powder ? What is the thermal conductivity of a single layer graphene powder ?
Graphene is only a layer of graphite, and the thermal conductivity of single-layer graphene is between 3500 and 5000W / mK.
Graphite is composed of multiple layers of graphene. What is the thermal conductivity of graphite film made of graphite?
Graphite films have thermal conductivity of up to 1950 W / mK and are actually used for heat dissipation and diffusion in mobile phones and other power devices.
What is the thin thermal conductivity of graphene assembly?
Previously, scientists generally believed that the graphene assembly was thin and the graphite film had good thermal conductivity.
Research scientists at Chalmers University of Technology have recently changed this situation. They found that the graphene assembled film has a thermal conductivity of 3200 W / mK, which is more than 60% higher than the best graphite film.
Professor Luo said, "This is indeed a great scientific breakthrough, which can have a huge impact on the transformation of the existing graphite film manufacturing industry.