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Superhard materials AlMgB14

Superhard materials AlMgB14

AlMgB14 is one of the research hotspots in the field of superhard materials in the world, and has attracted widespread attention from scholars at home and abroad in recent years. Unlike traditional metastable superhard materials such as diamond and cubic boron nitride.

AlMgB14 superhard material belongs to equilibrium material , with high hardness, low density , low friction coefficient, high thermal stability, and good thermoelectric performance. The American Ames National Laboratory first reported the synthesis and characteristics of ternary boride AlMgB14 superhard composites [4]. The prepared AlMgB14 crystal structure is an icosahedral orthogonal structure with Vickers hardness of 32~46 GPa. It is basically equivalent to the hardness of cubic boron nitride.
AlMgB14 material has a better anti-wear property than diamond and is a new type of anti-degradation material. The density of AlMgB14 is only 2.66 g/cm3, much lower than other superhard materials (such as diamond and cubic boron nitride), and does not react with carbon steel, stainless steel or titanium alloy at temperatures up to 1300 °C, with high thermal stability. AlMgB14 has a much higher conductivity than other conventional superhard materials and is basically equivalent to the conductivity of polysilicon. The most attractive aspect of AlMgB14 is its low price, which is 5 to 10 times lower than diamond and cubic boron nitride.

These excellent properties enable AlMgB14 to be used not only in traditional applications such as wear protection, protective coatings, and cutting equipment manufacturing, but also in thermoelectric devices, photodetectors, neutron masks, micromachined manufacturing, and key aerospace components. Advanced science. Therefore, development
The new technology of preparation of AlMgB14 super-hard composite materials, and the deepening of relevant basic theoretical research, has important scientific and practical significance.