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The characteristics of Nitinol powder

The characteristics of Nitinol powder
Nitinol powder is a special material combined with sensing and driving, while Nitinol shape memory alloy is a very important part of Nitinol shape memory material. A nickel-titanium alloy powder is a type of alloy whose shape is deformed into an original shape after being deformed into another shape by a low-temperature deformation deformation in a certain initial state.

The characteristics of nickel-titanium alloy powder

(1) Shape memory
The nickel-titanium alloy shape memory alloy automatically recovers its shape after a certain heat treatment. This change is the shape memory characteristic of the nickel-titanium alloy shape memory alloy. Shape memory can be divided into one-way shape memory, two-way shape memory and full-range shape memory depending on the state of recovery.
(2) Superelasticity
Nitinol shape memory alloys will deform when subjected to external forces, and will return to their original state after removing external forces. This is the superelastic character of Nitinol shape memory alloys. Ni-Ti alloy shape memory alloys directly lead to martensite transformation after superelastic deformation, and the removal of external forces leads to martensite reverse phase transformation.
(3) damping
Nickel-titanium alloy shape memory alloys have very good damping properties due to self-adjustment of phase transformation and interface and motion generated in phase transition.
(4) Resistivity
The martensitic nickel-titanium shape memory alloy has a linear relationship between electric resistance and strain during deformation. When a phase change occurs, the slope of the curve decreases, but it remains linear before and after the martensite phase.