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The main applications of Tellurium dioxide


The main applications of Tellurium dioxide

Tellurium dioxide is an inorganic compound, white powder with an average particle size of 50nm or more.
Teo2-05: purity of 99.999% or above,
total impurity content of aluminum, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, nickel, lead and selenium is less than 10ppm.

It is mainly used for preparing tellurium dioxide single crystal, infrared devices, acousto-optic devices, infrared window materials, electronic component materials and preservatives.Packaging for polyethylene bottle packaging.

Mainly used as acoustic and optical deflection components.

Preparation of ii-vi compound semiconductor, thermal and electrical conversion components, refrigeration components, piezoelectric crystals and infrared detectors.

Used as a preservative and for testing bacteria in vaccines.It is also used to prepare tellurite for bacterial test in bacterial seedlings.Emission spectrum analysis.Electronic component material.Preservatives.