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Was pregnant must wear radiation proof clothing


Was pregnant must wear radiation proof clothing?


Radiation protection compliance when to start wearing?


Be sure to wear it.Because our side of the computer, TV, microwave ovens, mobile phones can emit electromagnetic radiation, the thermal effect and cumulative effect, heating effect on the body's temperature to people is imbalance, cumulative effect refers to the heating effect ACTS on the human body, the harm of human body has not yet had time to repair themselves, again by electromagnetic radiation, the extent of damage accumulation occurs, serious when can cause the pregnant mother pregnant early abortion or fetal abnormalities, pregnancy middle-late will induce fetal mental retardation. 


When will the radiation protection suit be put on?


Silver powder, Radiation protective clothing in preparation for pregnancy before 3 months to wear the best baby.This is because the woman life, there are more than 500 oogonium to mature, while the oogonium in follicular development, gradually grew up, from the ovaries to move to ovarian surface, the last outstanding capsule attached to the ovary, so that the burst through the sac, egg formation, the whole growth cycle takes nearly 90 days, from the perspective of rigorous, if want to make sure the egg the best status, pregnancy preparation cycle need to stretch, the best time is 3 months.In preparation for pregnancy, eggs living in a liquid state are vulnerable to the thermal effects of radiation, which can affect normal conception.For women in pregnancy can choose better concealment of the radiation protection suits, such as silver fiber chinese-style chest covering or condole belt, because the silver may be in contact with skin and some of the elements in the body, such as sulfur react become yellow or turn black, but does not affect the shielding effect, in order to avoid affect beautiful, Jing jiaqi company recommends wearing tie-in render unlined upper garment dress, don't close to wear, don't wear when please seal preservation.How to wear radiation proof clothing more scientific? 


Scientific wear radiation suits need to pay attention to three points: silver powder, when there is a need to wear, timely change, do not wear the sun.


(1) don't wear it until you need it.When pregnant mother plays mobile phone, or be in indoor close space, when the home appliance such as oven oven, cleaner, electromagnetism furnace, TV, recorder is in the space, must wear prevent radiate to take, with screen radiate, protect pregnant mother and foetus.


(2) it shall be replaced in time.If the pregnant mother is in an environment without radiation, you can take off the radiation protective clothing, pregnant mother and the fetus can breathe, help the fetus to grow naturally and healthily. 


(3) don't wear them in the sun.Pregnant mother always in the sun, in the sunshine to choose the right time, such as when it is mild, bask in about 15 minutes every day is beautiful, the sunshine is beneficial to prevent pregnant mother get osteoporosis and unborn children rickets, also can accelerate fetal blood circulation, enhance the vitality of life, a moderate amount of ultraviolet light can also have the effect of sterilization.