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What are the applications of superhard abrasive diamond powd


What are the applications of superhard abrasive diamond powder


As a kind of super hard abrasive, diamond powder has an extremely superior grinding ability, which has been paid more and more attention in many developed countries.The grinding ability of diamond powder includes the grinding ability of the workpiece and its own wear resistance and anti-grinding ability, which depends on its microhardness, particle size, strength, particle shape, thermal stability and chemical stability.


In a word, there are three aspects for the application of diamond powder as abrasive:


(1) used for the manufacture of resin bonding tools, metal bonding tools and electroplating tools;


(2) for industrial, scientific and medical precision grinding or polishing of various precision components;


(3) as fine abrasive for mold processing, polishing baoyu stone processing, gem bearing processing and manufacturing.


Besides being used as abrasive material, diamond powder is also used as functional material.Such as the use of its thermal properties and electrical properties.A new material with higher thermal conductivity and lower thermal expansion can be prepared by mixing diamond powder into thermosetting polymer, cellulose, phenolic resin or ceramic sheet.A new type of sheet material with high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and light weight can be made by mixing diamond powder into metal sheet, such as nickel sheet or stainless steel sheet, which can be made into high-density and high-energy devices for thermal control in the electronic industry.


In terms of the form of diamond used as grinding material, according to the figures released by relevant data, more than 60% of the diamond micro-powder consumed in industry all over the world is used to make diamond gypsum, mixture of diamond micro-powder and diamond micro-powder grinding fluid.