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When I make nanomaterials to be rich, I will.......


"When I get nanomaterials to get rich, and divorce you"

He said lightly.

After listening, her heart is warm,

She thought, no more than this forever.

- 2017 the best micro-fiction award

Carbon - coated silicon material


"Wait for my nanomaterials to sell well, I'll buy a house and marry you"

He said warmly.

After listening, her heart cold is cool!

She thought, this is probably the most tactful break up.

-2017 Best Mini Fiction Nomination Award

Nano gold solution

A married person for nanomaterials, with a few friends to drink, unconscious after drunk. Was carried home, his wife tried to use a variety of ways to give him sober, are of no avail, then called to ask his colleagues.

Colleagues said, you shouted: nano-material problems, the customer called. Wife puzzled, but according to do. She did not think that the man jump up from the bed full of energy. Shouting: what is the matter?
Wife at this time has burst into tears!

- pay tribute to the nano-materials industry dedicated youth, swollen blood brothers


In the industry of nano-materials, The customer is god, we eat and sleep no rule , 365 days a year no rest day and night. Earn money selling cabbage, with selling the heart of the white powder.
Doing this will done without a brain dementia, because every day the brain telling operation.

Nano-nickel oxide

I asked the master: "I make nano material, the pressure is big, eat bad, sleep bad, others have time to travel, and I can not, feeling particularly tired and confused, master, how can I do "

Zen master cover his chest by right hand , no language.

I asked the master: "You saied that do not complain, to be a clear conscience, to be worth the dream, right?

Zen Master shook his head and said: "You are far away from me, I was a monk before doing nanomaterials! Today, listen to you say these, my heart was blocked!


One day in the park

Female: "are there a house?"

M: "No!"

Female: "are there Land Rover, Audi?"

M: "No!"

Female: "Is there a seven-digit deposit?"

M: "No!"

Woman: "What are you?"

Man: "i ........."

The woman turns away

Suddenly the man said: "I am doing nanomaterials"

The woman immediately clinging to the man's waist, his face worship said: "Now so difficult to do business, you can still survive, must be a potential shares, which is enough!

- This is the most inspirational post in 2017!

In order to dedicated to the hard work in the nano-materials industry buddy

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