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Why is the nitride of group IA metals only stabilized by lit

Why is the nitride of group IA metals only stabilized by lithium nitride

Nitrogen is one of the most electronegative elements, with only oxygen, fluorine and chlorine being higher.
This means that nitrides consist of a large group of compounds.

They have a wide range of properties and applications.
Refractive material lubricant,
such as hexagon
boron nitride -- BN cutting material, such as silicon nitride -- Si3N4 insulator, such as boron nitride -- BN

The azide of alkali and alkaline earth metals is soluble in water.Sodium azide NaN3 is often used as the raw material for the production of lead, silver or copper azide.Sodium azide is toxic crystalline solid, decomposition of about 300 ℃.

Industry is the nitrous oxide bubbled into molten sodium amide to preparing:
2 nanh2 + N2O ─ - NaN3 + NH3 + NaOH azide of alkali metal can also be used directly by the alkali metal and nitrogen reaction.
But when the temperature is high, it is strongly decomposed into metals and nitrogen or nitrides that form alkali metals.The important thing is to control the reaction temperature.