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Antimony Element


Antimony Element USES

Antimony is a poor conductor of electricity and heat. It is not easy to oxidize at room temperature and has corrosion resistance.Therefore, the main role of antimony in alloys is to increase hardness, often called metal or alloy hardener.Adding antimony to the metal in varying proportions makes it harder and can be used to make weapons.Antimony and antimony compounds are first used in wear-resisting alloys, type-printing alloys and the arms industry, and are important strategic materials.

Antimony can be used as a condensation catalyst in PET production.Antimony alloys and compounds are widely used, antimony compounds can be flame retardant, so often used in a variety of plastics and fire materials.Antimony, lead alloy corrosion resistance, is the production of battery plate, chemical pipeline, cable sheath material of choice;Antimony and tin, lead, copper alloy strength, wear resistance, is a good material for the manufacture of bearings, gears, high purity antimony and other metal compounds (such as silver antimony, gallium antimony) is the ideal material for the production of semiconductors and heating devices.Antimony compounds antimony white is an excellent white pigment, commonly used in ceramics, rubber, paint, glass, textile and chemical industries.

With the development of science and technology, antimony has been widely used in the production of various flame retardants, enamels, glass, rubber, coatings, pigments, ceramics, plastics, semiconductor components, fireworks, medicine and chemical products and other departments.

Antimony resource distribution

The world has proved antimony ore reserves of more than 4 million tons, China accounted for more than half.The reserves, output and export volume of antimony in China play an important role in the world.China currently has 111 antimony producing areas.Mainly including guizhou wanshan, wuchuan, danzhai, tongren, banpo;Hunan xinhuang mercury mine, hunan lengshuijiang city xikuang, banxi;Dachang mine, nandan county, guangxi zhuang autonomous region;Yawan antimony deposit in gansu province, xunyang mercury antimony deposit in shaanxi province.