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Differences between prealloy powder and alloy powder

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Differences between pre-alloy powder and alloy powder:
Pre alloy powders
An alloying powder made by atomization of a melt.Powder made by alloying of two or more elements, as the base powder of diamond tools,
can improve the properties of uneven mixing, poor alloying degree and poor stability of raw material powder.
Alloy powder
A metallic powder formed by partial or complete alloying of two or more components.
Alloy powders such as nitinol powder, cocr alloy powder, are classified into ferroalloy powders, copper alloy powders, nickel alloy powders, cobalt alloy powders, aluminum alloy powders, titanium alloy powders and precious metal powders by composition.
Graphite powder
Silicon Si powder
Nano diamond powder
Boron Nitride Powder BN
Water-Based Calcium stearate
CoCrW CoCrMo CoCr dental alloy
MoDTC Complexes (Solid MoDTC)
Hafnium Silicide powder HfSi2 powder
Nitinol powder Nickel Titanium alloy Powder
MoDTP (Liquid Molybdenum Dithiophosphate)
Nano silver Powder (Nano Ag powder purity 99.99)

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