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How do you store magnesium oxide

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Due to the fear of moisture, water and water in the storage of magnesium oxide is easy to deteriorate, if not properly stored, its active content will be reduced, affecting production, so buy back high price and high quality magnesium oxide, in the storage, must take some effective technical means:

1, cover the plastic film, plastic film on the ground, if you are not willing to pour the bag for packaging, you can use this method moisture-proof;

2. Pour the bag, change the packaging and seal for preservation;

3, after stacking lime block moisture, this is another way to prevent magnesium oxide moisture absorption and reduce the activity of the method;

4, because calcium oxide has a stronger moisture absorption, placed in the warehouse calcium oxide, as a hygroscopic agent, to reduce the humidity of the warehouse, very effective;

5. The longer the storage time of magnesium oxide is, the higher the amount converted into Mg(OH)2 is, the lower the activity is.So magnesium oxide cannot be stored for too long

Therefore, the one-time purchase quantity of magnesium oxide should not be too large. It should be used up within one month as the standard, and preferably within half a month.

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