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How much do you know about zinc powder

How much do you know about zinc powder?
Zinc powder is mainly used as paint and rubber filler.Medicinally used in the production of ointment, zinc paste, rubber paste, such as a filling materials for short, namely clove oil zinc oxide cement powder.There is also a special use of gold rare earth zinc powder.
Rare earth special zinc powder insoluble in water, soluble in acid and alkali, ammonia water. 
Gold rare earth special zinc powder has a strong reducing ability, and acid and alkali reaction to release hydrogen. 
Rare earth special zinc powder is easy to burn and explode.Burning in hot air causes a blue flame to form zinc oxide. 
The special zinc powder for gold and rare earth is stable in dry air, and a large amount of zinc powder can burn in humid air. 
The special zinc powder for gold and rare earth flies in the air, which can cause explosion if it encounters Mars. The allowable concentration in the air is 15mg/m3. 
Rare earth special zinc powder of gold is easy to be affected by moisture and agglomerate. White basic carbonate is formed in the humid air and coated on the surface. 
Rare earth special zinc powder and sulfuric acid, nitric acid reaction is slow, when containing a small amount of other metals such as copper, tin, lead reaction speed.
Application of rare earth special zinc powder for gold
The mechanical rolling powder zinc-infiltration process for gold rare earth zinc powder is a solid thermal diffusion reaction, which has the limitation of slow diffusion speed and long metallurgical reaction time.The results show that the infiltrating agent composed of nanometer zinc powder and thin soil can greatly improve the process of zinc infiltration and the performance of the infiltrating layer.
Packaging, transportation and storage of rare earth special zinc powder for gold:
1. Specification: the zinc powder is packed in an iron bucket with an inner plastic bag and the bag mouth is tied tightly with a rope. The barrel cover should be firmly sealed.Net weight per barrel 25kg, 40kg, 50kg, packing. 
2. Requirements: during the transportation of zinc powder, it should be moisture-proof, fireproof and handled gently to avoid impact and fall.Should be stored in dry, ventilated, fire - proof warehouse.According to the above storage conditions, the effective storage period of the unopened zinc powder from the production date is half a year. After the expiration of the storage period, the zinc powder will be inspected. 
3. Emergency treatment: isolate the contaminated area and restrict access.Cut off the fire.It is recommended that emergency personnel wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus and anti-static work clothes.Do not come into direct contact with the spill.Small amount of leakage: avoid dust, use sparkless tools to collect in dry, clean and covered containers.Transfer recycling.Large leakage: cover with plastic sheets and canvas.Remove under expert guidance.