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New technology for vulcanization makes smooth running more e


New technology for vulcanization makes smooth running more energy efficient


WS2, MoS2 materials with unique 2 d nanostructures, conventional flake (molybdenum) WS2 crystal by S (Mo) = W = S unit consisting of a layer, through the arrangement of atoms in crystal mesh flat structure, plane by weak van der Waals force between the combination of the weak binding force between the layers are easy to be cut, the interlayer sliding make tungsten disulfide (molybdenum) has excellent lubricating performance and is widely used in carbon industry, aerospace, military and other fields.


However, due to the influence of synthesis conditions, the arrangement of atoms in the synthesized tungsten disulfide (molybdenum) crystals is not as complete and regular as the theory, and there are often areas deviating from the ideal crystal structure, resulting in crystal defects and reducing the lubrication performance of tungsten disulfide.


WS2 and MoS2 are the main products of Trunnano since its establishment. The company has been constantly optimizing the production process to improve the product performance.


In recent years, Trunnano of WS2, metallogenic conditions, crystallization law of MoS2, lubrication mechanism is studied, based on the crystallization rate, process parameters, form of reaction conditions such as the systematic experiment, has successfully developed the fourth generation of WS2, MoS2 production technology, production of crystal products integrity, high homogeneity and the better corrosion resistance than natural MoS2 slash, greatly improve the performance of the product.