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The age of gallium nitride (GaN) is coming


The age of gallium nitride (GaN) is coming

GaN and SiC belong to the third generation of semiconductor materials with high bandgap width.

Compared with the first generation of Si and the second generation of GaAs and other predecessors, they have prominent advantages in characteristics.
Due to the large band gap width, high thermal conductivity,

GaN devices can work under the high temperature of 200 ℃ above, can carry a higher energy density, higher reliability;
The larger forbidden band width and the insulation damage electric field reduce the on-resistance of the device, which is beneficial to improve the overall energy efficiency of the device.High electron saturation speed and high carrier mobility enable devices to work at high speed.


Therefore, GaN can be used to obtain semiconductor devices with larger bandwidth, higher amplifier gain, higher energy efficiency and smaller size, which is consistent with the "tonality" of the semiconductor industry.


Compared with GaN, the application research of SiC, which is also the third generation semiconductor material, actually started earlier. There are two main reasons why GaN is more eye-catching in recent years.


Firstly, GaN has shown stronger potential in cost reduction.At present, mainstream GaN technology manufacturers are developing Si - based GaN devices to replace expensive SiC substrates.Some analysts predict that the cost of GaN MOSFET will be the same as that of traditional Si devices by 2019, when there is likely to be a turning point in the market.

And the technology is an attractive market opportunity for suppliers to provide their customers with properties that may not be available today for semiconductor process materials.


Secondly, as GaN device is a planar device, it has strong compatibility with existing Si semiconductor technology, which makes it easier to integrate with other semiconductor devices.For example, some manufacturers have realized the integration of IC and GaN switch tubes to further lower the threshold of users.


Based on the above characteristics of GaN, more and more people are optimistic about its future development.In particular, GaN has shown considerable penetration in several key markets.