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The harm of zinc sulfide to the human body

Zinc sulphide is a white powder. Under the illumination of light, it will faintly emit light green fluorescence, which is called cold light.

The light from the dial and the pointer of the luminous table is this kind of light. A small amount of radioactive material, such as carbon-14, sulfur-35, and yttrium-90, is added to the zinc sulfide to excite zinc sulfide.

However, the purity of pure zinc sulfide is quite weak. However, adding one-tenth of a millionth of copper chloride or copper nitrate can greatly enhance the luminescence. Copper compounds are known as activators. If a compound that uses manganese is used as an activator, orange light is emitted, and a silver compound emits blue light.

In the human body, more than one hundred thousandth of zinc is contained. Human semen contains up to 0.2% zinc and contains up to 4% zinc in the visual part of the eye. People with zinc deficiency are affected by both bone growth and sexual development. In the Middle East, there has been a serious zinc deficiency, resulting in extremely slow growth and sexual development of the residents.

In addition, people who are deficient in zinc often show symptoms such as poor appetite, insensitivity to taste, and difficulty in healing the wound. Excessive zinc is harmful to the human body. The amount of zinc entering the body is large, causing dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea. When zinc melts, its vapor rapidly oxidizes into zinc oxide fumes in the air. People inhaled zinc oxide smog after 4-8 hours, first of all, consciously weak, muscle soreness, headache, dizziness, cough, shortness of breath, metallic taste in the mouth. Then the fever reached 38-39.5oC, and after a few hours, sweating and fever, fever, white blood cells increased, there may be a temporary proteinuria, diabetes. This is the so-called "casting heat", which is a short-term acute poisoning, and the entire course of the disease disappears within 24 hours.