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What does nano mean?

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What does nano mean?
The nanoscale is to describe the size of an item that has reached the nanometer (length) level.
1. In terms of size, the size of fine particles which usually produce a significant change in physicochemical properties is below 0.1 μm (Note: 1 m = 100 cm, 1 cm = 10000 μm, 1 μm = 1000 nm, 1 nm = 10 Å). That is, below 100 nm, it is defined that particles having a particle size of 1 to 100 nm are called ultra-fine particles and are also a nano material. Nano-metal materials were successfully developed in the mid-1980s. Later, nano-semiconductor films, nano-ceramics, nano-ceramic materials, and nano-biomedical materials were introduced.
2, nano (English: nanometre) is the unit of length, the international unit system symbol is nm. Originally known as nanometer, it is 10^-9 meters (one billionth of a meter), that is, 10-6 millimeters (one millionth of a millimeter).
Like centimeters, decimeters, and meters, it is a measure of length.
Equivalent to 4 times the size of the atom, smaller than the length of a single bacteria.
The international common name is nanometer, abbreviated nm, the original meaning of the word nano in Greek is the meaning of "dwarf"
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