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What is a hard alloy?

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What is a hard alloy?
Cemented carbide is based on high-hardness refractory metal carbide (WC, TiC) micron-sized powder, with cobalt (Co) or nickel (Ni), molybdenum (Mo) as binder, in vacuum furnace or hydrogen A powder metallurgy product sintered in a reduction furnace.
Carbides, nitrides, borides, etc. of the IVB, VB, and VIB metals are collectively referred to as cemented carbides because of their particularly high hardness and melting point. The following is a description of the structure, characteristics, and applications of hard gold.
In the metal-type carbide formed by the IVA, VA, and VIA metals and carbon, since the carbon atom radius is small, it can be filled in the voids of the metal character and retain the original lattice form of the metal to form a meso-filled solution. Under appropriate conditions, such solid solutions can continue to dissolve its constituent elements until saturation is reached.

Therefore, their composition can be varied within a certain range (for example, the composition of titanium carbide varies between TiC0.5 and TiC), and the chemical formula does not conform to the valence rule. When the dissolved carbon content exceeds a certain limit (for example, Ti..C=1..1 in titanium carbide), the lattice pattern will change, and the original metal lattice will be transformed into another form of metal lattice. The interstitial solution is called an interstitial compound.
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