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Why is sphericity required for raw material of metal powder

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The shapes of metal powders are various. In 3D printing, the metal powders need to be deposited on the printed parts at a certain flow rate, so that the supply of metal powders during the accumulation can be controlled.For metallic powders, spherical powders, if the size is controlled within a certain range, can be precisely controlled when printing the amount of addition.

If want to know the method that metallic pink makes, can search guangdong yinna in baidu, can find detailed practice.Other shapes of metallic powders, when flowing, in short, will produce turbulence, open more and less of the situation, adverse control.
Because it affects fluidity, spread powder effect, powder compactness.

Main consideration is the integrity of the process of powder, spherical powder can ensure powder has good mobility, it can guarantee the printing process, scraper spread powder to level off is smooth, molding has a great influence to the parts, of course it is mainly aimed at SLM process, other process is different to the requirement of spherical powder.

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