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5N Zinc Oxide ZnO Powder

5N Zinc Oxide ZnO Powder

2018-12-10 15:01


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Zinc Oxide Physical character:
Zinc Oxide Molecular mass: 81.408;
Zinc Oxide Density: ρ=5.606 g/cm3
Zinc Oxide Melting Point: 1975℃ ;
Zinc Oxide Boiling Point: 2360℃;
Zinc Oxide Pure :5N or 99.999%;
Zinc Oxide Technic: CVD : 2Zn +02= 2ZnO (High purity argon carry zinc steam into the reaction chamber, Chemical reaction with excessive O2);
Zinc Oxide Analysis :ICP-MS or GDMS (All impurity elements is below 10ppm);LPSA;XRD;
5,Particle Size:Powder:1-5um;
6,Service :Supply MSDS; Free sample; Solutions for material application;
7,Packing :1Kgs /Bottle or 25Kgs/drum ;
8,Application: Zinc oxide single crystal ;Zinc oxide Target ...
9,Payment term : T/T 30DAYS after customer approval;
ZnO-05 Grade 99.999. The content of ZnO is above 99.999%. The total content of Ag, Al, As, Cu, Cd, Co, Fe, In, Mg, Ni, Pb & Sn is bellow 10 ppm.


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