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6N indium oxide In2O3 Powder

6N indium oxide In2O3 Powder

2018-12-10 14:56


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6N indium oxide In2O3 Powder
indium oxide purity: 6N (99.9999%)
indium oxidephysical properties:
N type transparent semiconductor function
indium oxide Molecular formula: In2O3
indium oxide Molecular weight: 277.6342
indium oxide Appearance: light yellow powder
indium oxide technical docking: indium anode - electrolysis - vacuum melting (removal of low melting point lead, arsenic, cadmium, phosphorus, mercury, sulfur, selenium, etc.)
- Lifting to 6N indium--arc method to heat 6N indium ingot, instantaneously vaporizing indium and reacting with excess high-purity oxygen, chemical vapor deposition - cooling - dust collection;
indium oxide inspection: GDMS (the sum of all impurity elements is less than 1ppm), SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope);
indium oxide particle size: -100 mesh;
indium oxide advantage: does not contain any acid ions, such as: chloride, sulfate ions, etc.
indium oxideapplication: photoelectric field, gas sensor;
indium oxide packaging: bottle: 1 kg / bottle, bottle with aluminum composite film vacuum packaging;
indium oxide Service: Provide free samples, MSDS and practical protective measures to provide solutions for material applications.


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