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CeO2 Cerium Oxide CAS 1306-38-3
  • CeO2 Cerium Oxide CAS 1306-38-3
  • CeO2 Cerium Oxide CAS 1306-38-3

CeO2 Cerium Oxide CAS 1306-38-3

CeO2 Cerium Oxide Powder purity: 99.99%;
CeO2 Cerium Oxide Powder particle size: nano and micron;
CeO2 Cerium Oxide Powder color: light yellow;
CeO2 Cerium Oxide Powder CAS: 1306-38-3;
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CeO2 Cerium Oxide CAS 1306-38-3 introduce:

Description of CeO2 Cerium Oxide Powder

Cerium oxide is a light yellow or reddish powder and an oxide of the rare-earth metal cerium. It’s an important commercial product used as polishing materials, catalysts, ultraviolet absorbers and electronic ceramics, etc.


Features of CeO2 Cerium Oxide Powder


Product Name



Melting Point

Molecular Weight



Cerium Oxide




172.115 g/mol

7.215 g/cm3

Insoluble in water


Applications of CeO2 Cerium Oxide Powder

1. Used as additives in the glass industry, as a plate glass grinding material. And it has currently been extended to the grinding of spectacle glasses, optical lenses, kinescopes, playing the role of decolorization, clarification, and absorption of glass ultraviolet and electron.

2. Also used as an anti-reflection agent for spectacle lenses.

3. Used in the ceramic glaze and electronics industry, as a piezoelectric ceramic penetration agent.


Storage of CeO2 Cerium Oxide Powder

It should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Besides, it should be packed into a sealed container.

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