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Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder CAS 1332-37-2
  • Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder CAS 1332-37-2
  • Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder CAS 1332-37-2

Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder CAS 1332-37-2

Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder purity: 99%;
Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder particle size: 50nm, 150-200nm;
Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder color: red brown powder;
Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder CAS: 1332-37-2
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Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder CAS 1332-37-2 introduce:

Description of Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder

Fe2O3 iron oxide powder is with small size, easy dispersion, wide range of uses, has the iron magnetic, can be used as paint, ultraviolet resistant materials, microwave absorbing materials, lithium battery materials, raw materials, lithium iron phosphate uses is very wide.

Features of Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder

Product NameMFCASMelting PointMolecular WeightDensityParticle Size
Iron OxideFe2O31332-37-21565℃159.685.24 g/cm350nm, 150-200nm

Application of Fe2O3 Iron Oxide Powder

1. because of Fe2O3 with heat resistance performance, so it is suitable for all kinds of plastic, rubber, ceramic, asbestos products coloring, metals, ceramics, nano ceramics, composite ceramic substrate;

2.Applicable to such antirust paint, paint.Applicable to the cement products, color tile color;

3. in the fiber with paste, anti-counterfeiting coating, electrostatic photocopying, are widely used in the printing ink;

4.Cosmetics: non-toxic of nanometer iron oxide and ultraviolet absorption ability is extremely strong sex, apply cosmetics industry;

5. powder coating: nano ferric oxide in color no change in temperature is 300 ℃;

6. applications in magnetic recording materials, nano oxide magnetic materials in coatings, it's with a light specific gravity, the absorption and attenuation of electromagnetic wave and sound wave has a good, for mid-infrared band has a strong character of absorption and dissipation, shielding effect;

7. application in the field of medicine, biology,

8. and sensor applications in catalysis

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