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Iron Boride
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Iron Boride

Product name:Iron Boride
Molecular formula:FeB
Molecular weight:66.66
CAS No.:12006-84-7
Melting point:1652℃
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Iron Boride introduce:


1.As a light stabilizer, it is used in sunblock plastics, including sporting goods, outdoor facilities, textiles, and carpets.

2.Used in ink, coating, textile, can improve its adhesion, anti-aging, anti - scrubbing performance.

3.Used in the paper industry, it can improve printability and impermeability.

4.Used in plastic, rubber, and functional fiber products, it can improve the anti-aging ability of the product, the ability to powder, weather resistance, and the strength of the product while maintaining the color of the product luster, prolong the useful life of the product.

5.As a new material, it has been widely used in cosmetics, coatings, paints and other products.

Storage Information:

Store in a cool and dry place after sealing

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