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NiO Nickel Oxide Powder CAS1313-99-1
  • NiO Nickel Oxide Powder CAS1313-99-1
  • NiO Nickel Oxide Powder CAS1313-99-1

NiO Nickel Oxide Powder CAS1313-99-1

NiO Nickel Oxide Powder: 99.9%;
NiO Nickel Oxide Powder particle size: 6.93μm;
NiO Nickel Oxide Powder color: green;
NiO Nickel Oxide Powder CAS: 1313-99-1
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NiO Nickel Oxide Powder CAS1313-99-1 introduce:

Description of NiO Nickel Oxide Powder CAS1313-99-1

Nickel (II) oxide is a common inorganic compound and an oxide of nickelous. And it is a green crystalline solid in appearance and classified as a basic metal oxide. Besides, nickel oxide is widely used in daily life.


Features of NiO Nickel Oxide Powder


Product Name



Melting Point

Solubility in water

Molecular Weight


Nickel Oxide





74.6928 g/mol

6.67 g/cm3


Physical and chemical properties of NiO Nickel Oxide Powder

It is a green to black-green cubic crystalline powder and will turn yellow when overheated. It’s insoluble in water but soluble in acid and ammonia. When heated to 400℃, it becomes nickelic oxide by absorbing oxygen in the air. While to 600℃, it is restored to nickel oxide. Moreover, as the temperature of preparation increases, its density and resistance increase, and its solubility and catalytic activity decrease.


Applications of NiO Nickel Oxide Powder

   1. Used as an adhesive agent and colorant for enamels and a pigment for ceramics and glass.

   2. Used as the raw material of nickel-zinc ferrite in the production of magnetic materials.

   3. It is the precursor to many nickel salts, for use as specialty chemicals and catalysts.

   4. Used as materials for electronic components and batteries


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