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Zirconium disilicide
  • Zirconium disilicide

Zirconium disilicide

Product name:Zirconium disilicide
Molecular formula:ZRSI2
molecular weight:147.39
CAS No.:12039-90-6
Density (g / ml, 25 ℃):4.88
Melting point:1620 ℃
Lattice constant:a=0.372nm,b=1.476nm,c=0.367nm Micro hardness (kg / mm2): 1063
Formation heat (kJ / mol):62.8
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Zirconium disilicide introduce:


It is used as fine ceramic raw material powder, used in the production of semiconductor film production crucible.

Storage Information:

Store in a normal temperature airtight space, keep cool, ventilated, and dry.

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