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Lanthanum stearate
  • Lanthanum stearate

Lanthanum stearate

Product name:Lanthanum stearate
Molecular formula:C18H3602.1/3La
Traits:White powder
Melting point:110℃-120℃
Lanthanum content:13.5~15.5
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Lanthanum stearate introduce:

Application areas:

 1.Used as a paint and pigment drier.

 2.Additive for plastics industry, used to degrade plastics and other environmental products.

 3.Used as PVC heat stabilizer.

 4.Excellent transparency, can be used in PVC transparent food packaging materials.

 5.Can be used as release agent of polyolefin.

 6. Has excellent thermal stability and good lubricity, has obvious weather resistance and brightening.

 7.Has good synergistic effect with trisalt, disalt, organic lead salt, calcium stearate, etc .

Storage requirements:

1.Store in a cool, dry place.

2.Avoid sun and rain.

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