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Eco-friendly Material

Sodium Oleate
  • Sodium Oleate

Sodium Oleate

Product name:Sodium Oleate
Molecular formula:C17H33CO2Na
Molecular weight:304.44300
CAS number: 143-19-1
Traits:White to yellowish powder or light brownish yellow powder,Soluble in water
Density:0.9 g/cm3
Melting point:232-235°C
Boiling point:359.999ºC
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Sodium Oleate introduce:

Application areas:

  1. It is the main ingredient of soap made of olive oil and other oils, and it is also the main ingredient of tallow soap.

  2. Used as a food coating agent, such as fruit, vegetable surface coating, can be used with ethylene oxide, high boron fatty alcohol.

  3. It can be used as a corrosion inhibitor for aluminum and its alloys, iron, copper, and other metals in neutral or acidic solution.

  4. It is used as an anionic surfactant and fabric waterproofing agent.

Storaga requirements:

  1. Stable at room temperature and pressure.

  2. Incompatible:Strong oxidizer.

  3. Store at -20℃. Ventilated dry place, avoid damp and sun.

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