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Stearic acid emulsion XY-1203
  • Stearic acid emulsion XY-1203
  • Stearic acid emulsion XY-1203

Stearic acid emulsion XY-1203

Product Name: Stearic acid emulsion / stearic acid dispersion
Appearance: milky white or slightly yellow emulsion
Solid content: ≥33%
Ph value: 6 ± 1
Ionic: non-ionic
Specific gravity: 1.095
Viscosity: ≥800
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Stearic acid emulsion XY-1203 introduce:

Application Features:

1. Does not contain metal ions;

2. Excellent dispersibility and full compatibility, the production and application are very simple;

3. Coated on the surface of paper products, after being dried, it can make the paper products waterproof;

4. Try to apply or spray in an environment where the air humidity is less than 70%;

5. The processed paper must be air-dried or toasted to have a waterproof effect.


Application areas:

1. Application in the paper industry: It can be used as a waterproofing agent used for the waterproof surface coating of thermal paper, special paper, etc. It has excellent lubrication and stability.

2. Application in the textile industry: improve smoothness and increase product texture.

3. Widely used in cosmetics can be used as a thickener, emulsifier, and curing agent, help soap or cleansing milk shape, can also be used as a surfactant, used to generate facial and body cleansing products.


Packaging and storage:

1. This product should be stored in a closed container in a calm and ventilated place to avoid high-temperature exposure and freezing. Freezing will cause severe damage to this product;

2. The recommended storage temperature is five ℃ 25 ℃, and it should not be stacked with strong acid and alkaline compounds and corrosive items;

3. This product will precipitate after long time storage, and please stir well before use, it will not affect the original use effect.


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