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Zinc Acetylacetonate
  • Zinc Acetylacetonate

Zinc Acetylacetonate

Product name:Zinc Acetylacetonate
Molecular formula: C10H14ZnO4
Molecular weight: 263.6
CAS number:14024-63-6
Traits: White crystalline powder
Granularity:≤ 60 Mesh
Melting point:129~133 ℃
Boiling point:129-131℃(10MMHG)
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Zinc Acetylacetonate introduce:

Application areas:

  1. This product is used as a heat stabilizer of hard PVC and other halogenated polymers and has a significant synergistic effect with stearyl benzoyl methane and dibenzoyl methane (methane-diketone).

  2. It is also used as a catalyst, resin crosslinking agent, resin hardening promoter, resin, rubber additive, the forming agent of superconductive film, hot wire reflective glass film, a transparent conductive film, etc.

Storage requirements:

  1. Store in a cool, dry place.

  2. Wear appropriate gloves in contact with goggles or a mask.

  3. Do not eat or drink while using it.

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