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Zinc stearate emulsionc XY-1129
  • Zinc stearate emulsionc XY-1129
  • Zinc stearate emulsionc XY-1129

Zinc stearate emulsionc XY-1129

Product Name: Zinc stearate emulsionc
Appearance: white dispersion emulsion
Molecular weight: M = 63
Solid content: 40%
Particle size: ≤5 um
Free acid: ≤0.5%
Specific gravity: 1.095
Viscosity: ≥800
cpPH value: 7.5 ~ 8.5
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Zinc stearate emulsionc XY-1129 introduce:

Product performance of Zinc stearate emulsionc XY-1129:

Our zinc stearate emulsion is made with high-quality zinc stearate and high-quality dispersant. It has excellent process usability, reliability, high-efficiency film isolation, good water dispersion, small particle size, full compatibility, will not precipitate and float, and has no adverse effects on the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber particles.

Product Usage of Zinc stearate emulsion:

1. Water-based coatings: used for high-quality water-based coatings, good transparency, fast defoaming, excellent stability, excellent anti-settling property, quick-drying, easy dispersion, abrasiveness, improve the hydrophobicity of the coating surface and improve the paint film It has outstanding performance in terms of feel.

2. Water-based ink: It has a good economy and can be used as a flattening agent, filling, stability, anti-settling, and waterproof.

3. Textile products: can be used as a polishing agent to improve the hydrophobicity of the surface.

4. Cosmetic products: can be used as a lubricant to enhance the smoothness of the surface.

5, paper industry: can be used as a waterproofing agent for special paper, thermal paper, and another waterproof surface coating.

6, sanding paper: can be used as a grinding aid to improve the surface's abrasiveness, abrasion resistance, and water resistance.


Packaging and storage of Zinc stearate emulsion:

1. This product will precipitate after long-term storage; please stir well before use; it will not affect the original use effect.

2. Stored in a calm and ventilated place, protected from moisture, heat, and corrosion.

Do not stack together with acids, larvae, and corrosive materials. This product will decompose into stearic acid and zinc salts when encountering strong acids.


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