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  • Introduction: Scientists have not found a way to make metal aluminum transparent, but they have deve...……
    Jan 05
  • For the first time, the University of Science and Technology of China used graphene oxide's liquid crystal behavior and gelation ability to obtain a gel with a ring-shaped polar structure. It revealed the fluid expression in hydrothermal synthesis according to the microstructure ...……
    Apr 17
  • High-entropy alloys are an exciting class of structural materials composed of a variety of primary elements. They have excellent strength, ductile combination, fracture toughness, corrosion resistance, and hydrogen embrittlement. They also have excellent stability against radiati...……
    Apr 10
  • Today, speaking of 3D printing, we have already introduced many applications of 3D printing, such as printing houses, Bridges, and so on. Today, we will talk about a relevant material used in 3D printing -- metal powder.……
    Jan 20
  • What is the hardest substance worldwide? Every person thinks typically about rubies. But you never believe that porcelains might likewise be the hardest compound in the world. Here we present to you silicon nitride ceramics (Si3N4 ceramics), which have high toughness, specificall...……
    Jan 01
  • Let us focus on the carbide ceramic materials. Carbide ceramics are ceramics containing carbon, poorly soluble compounds as the main component. One is a metal-like carbide such as titanium carbide, zirconium carbide, tungsten carbide, etc .; one is a non-metal carbide, such as ca...……
    Nov 27
  • In most countries in the north, the rainy and snowy weather in winter is likely to cause snow in the road area to be frozen, so that the adhesion of the vehicle tires to the ground is reduced, the danger of driving is also increased, and the smooth traffic is also severely affect...……
    Nov 22
  • Black graphite can be transformed into expensive ornate diamonds. Is this transformation a physical or chemical change? We can answer this question from the analysis of the following aspects.……
    Nov 18
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