African Pegmatite - Manganese Oxide Powder

African Pegmatite - Manganese Oxide Powder

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African Pegmatite is a leading supplier, producer and miller of manganese oxide powder to the ceramic and brick industries. A range of high quality products are available, milled to customer specific requirements and backed up by decades of experience in the industry.

Typical Applications

For many years, manganese oxide has been used as a pigment in ceramics and brick manufacture and is widely recognised and accepted as the optimum colouring material for this application. It is also used as a filler in clay based materials.

The oxidation state of manganese varies from +2 to +7 and is present in six different oxides. Some oxides are amorphous while others are black orthorhombic crystals.

Some Mn oxide minerals can be characterized by a number of analytical techniques such as transmission electron microscopy and powder x-ray diffraction. This has led to a better understanding of Mn oxide mineral structures and their properties.

In addition to a range of analytical techniques, there are a number of unique properties of Mn oxide that make it an attractive material for a wide variety of applications. These include:

Chemical Reactivity

One of the most important properties of manganese oxide is its ability to act as a catalyst in certain reactions, particularly those related to oxidation and reduction. This property is useful for the synthesis of many organic chemicals including aromatics, amines and triols.


A number of biosensors have been developed based on manganese oxide, most notably the electrochemical turn-on fluorescent sensor for glucose detection. Another potential use of manganese oxide is as a component in solid state lithium ion batteries.


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