Telluride Powder - The Perfect Winter Getaway

Telluride Powder - The Perfect Winter Getaway

2023-03-17 03:50:05  Knowledge

telluride powder is a dream come true for skiers and snowboarders. With over 2000 acres of steep inbounds territory, there's something for every ability level at this iconic ski resort in the San Juan Mountains.

What's more, it's home to some of the best skiing in North America, with an incredible amount of terrain to enjoy at any point during your trip. From long, scenic runs to more challenging pitches that evoke hoots and hollers from expert skiers, telluride is one of the most epic places to hit the slopes.

Getting there is half the fun: a spectacular drive through the stunning San Juan Mountains leads to a picturesque main street in a mountain town that oozes adventure. A variety of accommodation options range from luxury to budget hotels, with a great selection of restaurants and bars for apres-ski.

It’s also easy to get into the spirit of the season, with lots of exciting events and activities taking place during the winter months. From snowshoeing to snowmobiling and ice climbing, there’s no shortage of fun outdoor pursuits in this magical part of the world!

How to maximise a powder day at Telluride

The most important thing for beginners on a powder day is to stay on the groomed trails. They’re designed to help you progress, and are a great place to learn new skills. It can be tempting to explore the backcountry on your own, but a local guide will give you all the information and safety advice you need.


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