Calcium Acetylacetonate

Calcium Acetylacetonate

2023-01-25 03:50:03  News

Calcium acetylacetonate is a weak acid. It is used as an additive in many industries. In addition, it is also used as a catalyst and resin cross-linking agent. Among the major applications of calcium acetylacetonate are rubber additives, super-conductive films, resins, and PVC stabilizers.

Calcium acetylacetonate has a melting point of 270.4 degrees C. The material is soluble in methanol. The crystalline substance is white or off-white in color. Moreover, it has a characteristic odor.

Besides, calcium acetylacetonate is used as a former agent in thermoplastics and injection molding. As a former agent, it reduces friction during injection molding and prevents plastics from sticking to molds. Furthermore, calcium acetylacetonate has an oil absorption property. Moreover, it has a synergistic effect with other halogenated polymers.

Calcium acetylacetonate can be used as a resin cross-linking agent, and as a thermal stabilizer in halogenated polymers. It has good thermal stability and can be oxidized up to 1300 deg C. Additionally, it is a transparent conductive film forming agent. It is used in different industries such as plastics manufacturing, chemical engineering, and petroleum industry.

Due to the increasing demand for PVC stabilizers, the market for Calcium Acetylacetonate is expected to experience significant growth over the forecast period. However, the high cost of production is expected to hinder the growth of the industry.

The research report on Calcium Acetylacetonate provides an in-depth analysis of the global market, segmentation by type, region, application, and competitive landscape.


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