Inconel 718 Powder for Additive Manufacturing

Inconel 718 Powder for Additive Manufacturing

2022-11-03 11:07:38  News

Inconel 718 powder has a typical microstructure characterized by solid solution of g phase and dendritic microsegregation. These features are similar to those reported for other similar alloys. However, unlike other alloys, Inconel 718 powder does not show thermal degradation. Its hardness remains within the upper half of the range of the reference alloy.

Inconel alloy is a family of nickel-chromium super alloys. This alloy is often used for applications that require high heat and corrosion resistance. The SAM spherical Inconel 718 powder is highly pure with low oxygen content. Its perfect spherical shape means it can be used in 3D printing processes.

The morphology, flowability, and physicochemical properties of Inconel 718 powder were investigated. The results were compared between used and virgin powders to evaluate their stability and reusability. Further, the hardness and porosity level were determined for each powder.

INCONEL 718 is a high-strength nickel-chromium alloy that exhibits excellent tensile, fatigue, and creep strength. Its outstanding weldability and corrosion resistance also make it a great choice for the manufacturing of a wide variety of complex parts.

Another advantage of Inconel 718 powder is its reusability. This feature can reduce manufacturing costs and make it an efficient process. However, there are no standards to determine the number of cycles needed to reuse Inconel 718 powder. This study focused on Ti-6Al-4V and Inconel 718 powders to assess their suitability for additive manufacturing.

For morphological and structural characteristics of the powder, we used a SEM microscope equipped with an EDS detector. The SEM images were used to calculate the particle-size distribution and shape factors. The images were analyzed using ImageJ 1.53a software. Then, we calculated the equivalent projected area for each particle and measured the corresponding diameter.

All powder samples were used for the test. All samples showed an Excellent flowability level, although the highest flowability was achieved by the O powder and the lowest flowability by the U powder. However, the Standard Deviation for the S powder was higher than the U and O powder. The overall flowability level of INCONEL 718 powder is Excellent.


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