Molybdenum Dithiocarbamate (MODTP) Used in Engine Oils

Molybdenum Dithiocarbamate (MODTP) Used in Engine Oils

2022-12-18 00:20:06  News

Organic molybdenum (MO) is a mineral component that can reduce friction in lubricating oils. These molybdenum alloys have high reactivity with metal surfaces, thus increasing wear resistance. In addition, they have good high-temperature antioxidant properties. They have been successfully utilized in engine oils.

The antifriction performance of molybdenum alloys is evaluated by using the Four-Ball test. The "V" shape of the curve is attributed to the changes in the surface states of the friction films. Several studies have been conducted to investigate the effect of MoDTP on the wear resistance of engine oil. In order to improve the wear resistance, MoDTP was mixed with other additives to develop a new formulation. Its performance was tested at a wide range of temperatures. It was observed that both MoDTP and its mixtures showed lower wear than the BO and MC-AM lubricants.

It was found that the combination of MoDTP and PT improved the wear resistance of the MoDDP. It also decreased the friction coefficient of the MoDDP. The friction was decreased dramatically. It was also discovered that MoDTP has better antiwear than MoDTC. This was confirmed by the Four-Ball test.

The MO dithiocarbamate has an ability to form a molybdenum sulfide (MoS2) film on the metal surface. It is derived from the side reaction between iron oxides and molybdenum compounds. Its surface film is embedded in an oxygen-rich amorphous matrix. This is what contributes to the low friction coefficient. In addition, the presence of GM and PT aided in the reduction of the wear.


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