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  • Silicon nitride is a kind of ceramic material with excellent thermal and chemical properties, which has high hardness, stable structure, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.……
    Sep 27
  • The water glass commonly used in construction is the aqueous solution of sodium silicate (Na2O·nSiO2).……
    Jul 15
  • The main difference between silicon carbide and boron carbide is that in silicon carbide one silicon atom bonds to one carbon atom, whereas in boron carbide four boron atoms bond to one carbon atom.……
    Jun 16
  • Metal silicon powder is a powder state of metal silicon. Silicon has two allotropes, amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon.……
    Jun 15
  • Si3N4 has two crystal structures: α-Si3N4 is a granular crystal, and β-Si3N4 is a needle-shaped crystal. Both are three-dimensional spatial networks composed of [SN4] tetrahedra sharing vertices, and both belong to the hexagonal crystal system.……
    Jun 02
  • Silicon powder is a non-toxic, tasteless, non-pollution inorganic non-metallic material. The silicon content of silicon powder is more than 99%.……
    May 31
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