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  • Before the invention of boron carbide in 1929, silicon carbide was the hardest synthetic material known. It has a Morse hardness of 9, close to diamonds.……
    Sep 22
  • Silicon carbide is used to make bulletproof armor.……
    Aug 09
  • The combination of silicon and carbon gives silicon carbide excellent mechanical, chemical and thermal properties.……
    Jul 29
  • The main difference between silicon carbide and boron carbide is that in silicon carbide one silicon atom bonds to one carbon atom, whereas in boron carbide four boron atoms bond to one carbon atom.……
    Jun 16
  • Let us focus on the carbide ceramic materials. Carbide ceramics are ceramics containing carbon, poorly soluble compounds as the main component. One is a metal-like carbide such as titanium carbide, zirconium carbide, tungsten carbide, etc .; one is a non-metal carbide, such as ca...……
    Nov 27
  • Ceramic materials refer to a class of inorganic non-metal materials made of natural or synthetic compounds through shaping and high-temperature sintering. It has the advantages of high melting point, high hardness, high wear resistance, and oxidation resistance. It can be used as...……
    Nov 26
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