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Wear Resistant Material

  • ZrC Zirconium Carbide Powder CAS 12070-14-3
    Zirconium carbide powder is gray-black, with NaCI face-centered cubic structure and lattice constant of 0.4685nm. Zirconium carbide can conduct electricity, electronic electricity, paramagnetic.
  • Nano SiC Silicon Carbide Powder CAS 409-21-2
    High specific surface area, high surface activity, low loose packing density, excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties, i.e., high hardness, high wear resistance and good self-lubrication, high heat conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and high-temperature strength.
  • Niobium Carbide NbC Powder CAS 12069-94-2
    Niobium carbide is a dark grey-brown powder with a cubic crystal structure and metallic luster. It is stable at 1000 ~ 1100℃ and rapidly oxidized to niobium pentoxide above 1100℃.
  • Tantalum Carbide TaC Powder CAS 12070-06-3
    Tantalum carbide is a light brown or yellow-brown metallic cubic crystalline powder, belonging to the sodium chloride cubic crystal system, hard and heavy, with high chemical stability, insoluble in water, insoluble in inorganic acids.
  • Nano Tungsten Carbide  WC Powde CAS 12070-12-1
    grey powder. The hardness is similar to diamond. In the case of chlorine, 400 ℃ is still stable, at room temperature and fluorine combustion, heating in the air that is oxidation. Soluble in the mixture of nitric acid, insoluble in water. Relative density (d18)15.6. The melting point is 2780 ℃. The boiling point of 6000 ℃
  • Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Coating CAS 12045-63-5
    Titanium carbonitride is a glossy black powder, which is a "zero-dimensional" ternary robust solution with the advantages of TiC and TiN. The powder has a high melting point, high hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics, and has excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and chemical stability.Melting point > 350 ° CThe density: 5.08
  • Mn3C Manganese Carbide Powder CAS 12266-65-8
    Application direction of Manganese Carbide Powder: Preparation of manganese hydroxide, hydrogen and hydrocarbons and powder metallurgical additives.
  • Al4C3 Aluminium Carbide Powder CAS 1299-86-1
    Yellow or greenish-gray crystalline ingot or powder, hygroscopic.It is decomposed at high temperature and hydrolyzed into methane and aluminum hydroxide in cold water.
  • Zinc Powder Zn Powder CAS 7440-66-6
    Solube in bases, acides, and water, slowly soluble in ammonia hydroxide and acetic acids. Zinc has strong reducing action, can release hydrogen after action with acid-bases. It will be become lump after being affected with damp.
  • Silver Powder Ag Powder CAS 7440-22-4
    Ultrafine silver powder is spherical monodisperse, micron grade, narrow distribution, and the silver paste prepared with good wettability, printing property and sintering film property.Silver is the most corrosion-resistant of the precious metals.In moist air, it is easy to be sulfur and sulfide corrosion, to form silver sulfide.
  • Nickle Powder Ni powder CAS 7440-02-0
    Character: White crystalline powder; Has a particularly sweet, sweet degree about sucrose urea 70%.Sublimation begins above 200 ℃, melting point 297 ℃ (decomposition). Stable chemical properties. Soluble in water (17%, 25 ℃), slightly dissolved in ethanol (0.2%/80% cold alcohol)
  • Diamond Powder Synthetic Diamond Powder CAS 7782-40-3
    Outstanding wearability, anti-causticity and thermal conductivity,stable high dispersibility, super high purity.Diamond powder is widely used in machinery, aerospace, optical instruments, glass, ceramics, electronics, petroleum, geology, military industrial departments, is grinding polishing hard alloy ceramics, gemstones, optical glass and other high hard materials ideal material.
  • Copper Powder Cu Powder CAS 7440-50-8
    01 good toughness, sintering process between particles adhesion is good02 The sintered body of is closer to the effect of smelting metallurgy, which improves the product grade of tools as a whole03 Higher sharpness and longer life, and lower sintering temperature
  • HfC Hafnium Carbide Powder CAS 12069-85-1
    Ultrafine hafnium carbide powder by variable current laser ion beam, chemical vapor deposition powder high activity, surface energy is large, widely used in powder metallurgy, hafnium carbide (HfC) = 185.501, 6.47% carbon, belongs to the crystallization of sodium chloride type cubic crystal system, theoretical density of 12.7 g/cm3, melting point 3890 ℃, the highest melting point is a single compound.Volume resistivity Ω 1.95 x 10-4 cm (2900 ℃), thermal expansion coefficient of 6.73 x 10-6 / ℃.Has high elasticity coefficient, good electrical and thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient and good resistance to impact performance, superfine hafnium carbide with many compounds (such as ZrC, TaC) form a solid solution.
  • ZrC Zirconium Carbide Powder CAS 12070-14-3
    High purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, high surface area, high surface activity, low bulk density, high temperature resistance, high oxidation resistance, high strength, high hardness, good thermal conductivity, good toughness, it is an important High melting point, high strength and corrosion resistance of high temperature structural materials, and has a high efficiency absorption of visible light, reflective infrared and energy storage characteristics.
  • NbC powder Niobium Carbide Powder CAS 12069-94-2
    Properties for NbC niobium carbide powder: Good chemical stability, high temperature performance, high melting point, high hardness material.
  • TaC Tantalum Carbide powder  CAS 12070-06-3
    Tantalum carbide, molecular formula is: TaC, density 14.3 g/cm3, melting point 3880 ° C. Tantalum carbide is a yellowish brown powder, metallic cubic crystalline powder, which belongs to sodium chloride cubic crystal system. Insoluble in water, insoluble in mineral acids, soluble in a mixture of hydrofluoric and nitric acids and decomposable.
  • VC Vanadium Carbide Powder CAS 12070-10-9
    ,Chemical formula VC, Molecular weight 62.95, Carbon content 19.08%,Density 5.41g/cm3 ,Melting point 2800ºC,Boiling point 3900ºC.Vanadium carbide is gray metallic powder with cubic system structure of NaCl type,crystalline constant is 4.182A. The carbide is chemical stable and has excellent hightemperature property.It can be used in cutting tool and steel industry,also can be used as additive to fine the WC cemented carbide crystal to improve the property of alloy.
  • Cr3C2 Chromium Carbide Powder CAS No.:12012-35-0
    1. Few lab sample free of charge2. Chemical compositions and particle size can be customized on request3. Various grades and size , comprehensive powder4. Strickly quality control system and advanced testing equipments.5. Professional sales team and good aftersale service. 6. Factory with reasonable price
  • Mo2C Molybdenum Carbide Powder CAS No.:12627-57-5
    Molybdenum is a silvery-grey metal with a Mohs hardness of 5.5. It has a melting point of 2,623 °C (4,753 °F); of the naturally occurring elements, only tantalum, osmium, rhenium, tungsten, and carbon have higher melting points.Weak oxidation of molybdenum starts at 300 °C (572 °F).
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